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Electric rotary actuator Series Elektro RBA

Range widening: Electric rotary actuator Series Elektro RBA

Metal Work expands its offer of Elektro Series components with the launch of the new compact rotary actuator Series RBA, which allows continuous rotations in both directions.
The new Elektro RBA guarantees the transmission of rotary motion by means of a toothed belt with adjustable tension. It can be used both as a rotating element inserted in a portal and as a stand-alone solution, which can be used - for example - as a rotary table. The rotating assembly has a through-hole that allows pipes and cables to pass through, so facilitating integration with other devices.
The standard drive of the Elektro RBA makes it possible to choose between a brushless motor and a stepping motor with encoder. Both versions are available with a holding brake. As always, it is possible to purchase the component even without motor or with interfaces for the application of other motors on the market.
The rotary flange can be placed on the same side as the motor, either on the opposite side or on both sides, to meet any application requirement.

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