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EB 80 BOXI with 6-8-12 valve versions

Range widening: EB 80 BOXI 6-8-12 valve versions

EB 80 Boxi, one of the most successful products in recent years, is now available in the new 6, 8 and 12 valve versions.

The new islands, equipped with a 26-pole D-Sub multipolar connection, are available in 6 versions, depending on application needs:

  • 6 positions and 6 electric controls (*)
  • 6 positions and 12 electric controls
  • 8 positions and 8 electric controls (*)
  • 8 positions and 16 electric controls
  • 12 positions and 12 electric controls (*)
  • 12 positions and 24 electric controls

(*) only valves V-G-J-Y-N can be used

For each version it is possible to order islands with or without valves.

The new BOXI range shows all the technical features of the 4 valve version, and in particular:

  • all EB 80 valves can be used, from double 2/2 to high flow valves, from common 5/2 up to the shut off valve
  • EB 80 multifunction modules can be applied
  • the island can be fed from 12 VDC (-10%) up to 24 VDC (+30%)
  • the island is made up of pass-through bases equipped with single or double electric control equipped with interchangeable cartridge fittings
  • low electrical consumption: only 0.3 W to keep each valve controlled
  • advanced diagnostics (open circuit, overload, over-under voltage) with signaling led
  • CE, EAC, UL-CSA and ATEX certifications

Moreover, on islands with 6, 8 or 12 positions it is possible, when ordering, to request a module for additional pneumatic supply and exhaust, inserted downstream of the solenoid valves.

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